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Site Investigation

• Performance of initial site investigation to determine the extent of the hazard and the delineation of responsibility from adjacent sites and/or responsible parties.

Underground Storage Tank ( UST ) and Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) Management

• Determination of Customer needs regarding properties where USTs and ASTs are installed where suspected leaks may be occurring; development of programs to bring sites into compliance with regulatory and corporate standards.

• Communication with regulatory agencies and the Customer throughout the project.

Waste Characterization and Profiling

• Characterization and evaluation of toxicity levels of unknown materials;

• Development of profiles for recycling and/or disposal.

Waste Treatment and Disposal

• Development of a program to understand the materials involved and to properly treat or dispose of these materials in the most cost-effective and environmentally sound manner. Incineration, recycling, bioremediation and other technologies, individually or collectively assist in minimizing the concentration of hazardous waste in the environment.

• Implementation of management programs for treatment and disposal in accordance with requirements of environmental and other local regulatory agencies.